Leadership Training

CreateAbility offers customized training on these and other leadership topics:

Giving Constructive Feedback:
Giving effective feedback is a cornerstone skill of true leadership capacity. It is often hard to do well and its importance is frequently underestimated.

  • Key Learning Outcomes include when, how and what to say to give feedback that is helpful, clear and actionable.

Coaching Skills for Leaders:
Developing followers through coaching is key to employee satisfaction, succession planning and innovation. By helping leaders to learn basic coaching skills it will lighten your load as a leader and increase staff engagement, development and performance levels.

  • Learning outcomes a simple process for using coaching skills as a leader to help your staff think better and find solutions. You don’t need to have all the answers for them!

Leading Meetings to Get Results:
Most leaders have not had training in how to lead an effective meeting. Many meetings are considered a waste of time by attendees. This training is focused on meetings that are designed to increase energy and participation and get results. 

  • Learn to create tangible outcomes for your meetings, help members to come prepared and take an active role in meetings. Increase meeting effectiveness by improving collaboration, meeting process and relationships; thereby, decreasing the time spent in meetings.