Facilitation and Graphic Facilitation

Is This Your Team?

  • You are a new team leader or have new team members.
  • You don’t have not created a shared vision, values, goals, and an action plan to align and orient your group.
  • People don’t know you or each other well enough to work together easily.
  • You have a smart team but you aren’t aligned on how to best reach your goals.
  • Team members are semi-engaged and silo oriented. Its all “I” and not much “we!”
  • You have a great group of people who are charged with creating a new program or solving a complex problem. 
  • It seems like you have the right people in the room but it’s hard to reach agreement and there is slow progress towards goals.

Key Benefits of Team Facilitation Services:

  • You will gain the perspective of a neutral partner to facilitate your team and help you to achieve results that matter.
  • You will be guided by someone who has agreed to hold the highest vision of what is possible for all team members and for the team as a whole.
  • You will gain the insight, intuition and listening skills of an experienced facilitator. 
  • You will have fun, learn about each other and create a clear team charter.
  • You will have the support and focus to create a vision, align roles and responsibilities so that you will build and sustain momentum to achieve what matters most to you.
  • You will have a the benefits of a neutral facilitator to navigate the currents of group work by creating an energizing structure and intentional process to jump start your team or group process.

Graphic Facilitation and Team Maps:

Graphic Facilitation Empty

A visual method that provides a clear, simple picture of your team’s goals or a record of a group’s facilitated conversation.

  • A picture really is worth a thousand words!
  • Use a graphic map as the guide to the group’s process. The map design creates the group’s process making it easier to stay on target and get desired results.
  • The process is interactive, engaging, fun and memorable.
  • Your work will be remembered and can be displayed.
  • Team maps create a clear vision, values, goals and agreed upon actions that can be posted and remembered!