Executive Coaching

Do these Leadership Challenges Sound Familiar?                                                      

  • You find sharing your vision and providing a clear compelling direction challenging.
  • You want to build your team but you are not sure where to begin or how to find the time.
  • You avoid giving developmental feedback or taking the time to coach and develop your staff. You are uncomfortable and unsure of how to do this well.
  • You have top in class technical knowledge and skills but sometimes you find communicating and leading people frustrating.
  • You were recently promoted to a job that you really wanted and now you feel stressed,  stretched too thin and over your head. You want to get your head above water but you aren’t sure where to start or how to begin!
  • Your excellent performance got you promoted, but now you have been told that your weak people skills are holding you and others back.
  • You find it hard to step back and delegate the work to others. You tend to step in and do the work yourself – it just seems faster that way.
  • You want career success without losing yourself, your health or your personal life. You want to find a better way to balance career success and life success.  

Executive Coaching Will Help You:

  • Create a clear leadership vision, purpose and values for you and your team.
  • Have a sounding board for thinking in new ways to create your desired future and to change with greater ease.
  • Benefit from the insights of a non-judgmental partner to gain the perspective, skills, and patience you need to lead others with greater confidence and ease.
  • Strengthen your ability to lead, speak clearly and share your technical brilliance so that you mentor and develop others for the future.
  • Gain clarity on your important values and key priorities to enable you to manage your work so that you can have a personal life too.
  • Learn new ways for moving through the politics and complexities of your organization with greater wisdom and skill.
  • Receive feedback about your current leadership behaviors so that you can continue or make changes to achieve your leadership goals.
  • Expand your thinking and develop your capabilities to meet the leadership needs of today’s complex, demanding work environment.