Our Approach or the story of our Logo. The CreateAbility logo visually captures the five elements of the CreateAbility Natural Change Model™. This is the foundation that underlies our way of working with leaders to create their desired changes.

In the center of our logo is the element of Space. This is your essential self or awareness; the place you act from when you are centered and consciously choosing. It represents your enduring values, innate gifts and essential qualities. We start with who you are and create the scope and purposeof our work together based upon your needs and wants.  We help you to grow, evolve and express your highest self through your work and life. This is your Inner Leader.

The coral upper right quadrant is the element of Fire that represents the vision for your organization, leadership or team. This is your desired future state, creativity and inspired dimension. This element brings inspiration, innovation and fun to your work experience; this element may be forgotten or overlooked. This is your Creative Intelligence.

The light blue upper left area is the element of Air that helps you to define your desired outcomes and the goals and objectives that you want to achieve. This element supports accuracy, metrics and objective clarity. It relies upon data and is focused on results. This is your Thinking Intelligence.

The turquoise lower right area is element of Water. This symbolizes healthy work flow,  clear communication and empowering, respectful relationships. This helps you to express, connect and relate well with others. This is your Emotional, Heart Intelligence.

The green lower left quadrant is the element of Earth. This helps you to design and take clear, grounded actions to move you steadily towards your vision and goals. This element reminds you to make concrete, detailed plans and take daily actions towards your vision to ensure achievable and sustainable growth or change. This is your Practical, Operational Intelligence.

The last visual element is the lighter colored transparent Spiral that begins in the center and circles out through each element. This symbolizes the ongoing process of healthy growth and change by encouraging you to pay attention to all five elements of the change process. The Natural Change Model™ can become a compass that helps you to better plan effective and lasting changes by attending  to all five elements equally. This supports you to consciously evolve over time to higher ways of leading and being. Lasting growth and change includes all five elements: it is inspired, outcome oriented, doable, focused on people and values and originates from your authentic self.

These five elements provide the visible and invisible structure that guides our work. We help you  master the CreateAbility Natural Change Model™ so that you can sustain success going forward. This model has its foundations in leadership whole brain thinking (HBDI), integral theory, quantum theory and the earth’s natural elements. It is a practical framework for achieving change and growth naturally and with balance. It provides a type of compass or map to help ensure that you use  all of the elements of change, not just those that you prefer.

My Point of View

I see each of us as works in progress. We are already whole, wise and capable; even when we have forgotten that this is true. As a coach and facilitator, I help people to access their innate brilliance to develop it fully to become a better leader. Many times this is about removing the limiting beliefs and assumptions that prevent them from effectively developing and using their talents and skills.

I have a deep commitment to combine both the art and science coaching to better serve those with whom I work. I do this by being rigorous in my coaching knowledge and skills combined with my sincere desire to serve others’ growth and success. I also use my innate curiosity and creativity to support you to take actions that lead to results.

By providing others with a safe space where they can explore, speak, envision and take actions, I have the honor of seeing them make profound changes that positively impact themselves, those they lead, and ultimately, the world. When those I work with bring their willingness and courage to learn, grow and change  – our partnership yields lasting results that energize, reaffirm and renew them as leaders. This often has a positive carry over to their personal life as well.